A New Chapter by Faculty Director I. Glenn Cohen, image

Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015
Edited by Neil Hunt, Daniel Horsfall and Johanna Hanefeld


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Faculty Director I. Glenn Cohen has authored a new chapter on medical tourism in the Handbook of Medical Tourism and Patient Mobility.


While much of the medical tourism literature focuses on individuals travelling abroad for hip replacements, heart valve replacements, cost savings, quality improvements or waiting times, there is a potentially darker side of the industry: medical tourism for services that are illegal in the patient’s home country, what I have elsewhere called ‘Circumvention Tourism’. This chapter focuses on three major forms of circumvention tourism, travel for assisted suicide, abortion and reproductive technologies. After describing these three streams of travel, the chapter discusses several legal issues with them: questions about detection, the assertion by the home country of prescriptive jurisdiction to criminalize the activity when it takes place in the destination country, and the immigration status of children born through medical tourism for reproductive technology.

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