NPR, October 26, 2017
Debra Becker


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[...] "I was in the midst of active addiction, so I was actively using. But you're forced to go into this saying I'll be drug-free or you go to jail," Eldred says.

She complied with her probation conditions, she says — she found outpatient treatment, addiction medication and a therapist — but she failed a drug test. Eldred told her probation officer that she had just started treatment and had relapsed, but was now back on track.

Eldred says her probation officer didn't care.

"She didn't look at that picture," Eldred says. "She didn't look [to see] that I had just gotten started getting everything in order. She just saw that I had a 'dirty urine,' and she just sent me in front of the judge to go to jail."

The judge sentenced Eldred to jail for the probation violation; Eldred says she received no treatment. [...]

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