Forbes, April 27, 2017
Bruce Japsen


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The latest version of the American Health Care Act, also known as Trumpcare, has providers of medical care mobilizing once again to derail what they say is an even worse version than what U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan wouldn’t bring to a vote last month.

An amendment to the AHCA negotiated by the House Freedom Caucus proposes to reduce costs of individual health policies by allowing states to opt out of certain requirements under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. States could opt of requiring health plans to provide the so-called “essential health benefits” under the ACA that include everything from hospitalization and mental health coverage to maternity care.

Providers of medical care say the so-called MacArthur Amendment to AHCA would cause millions of Americans to lose coverage, several groups including the American Medical Association and the American Hospital Association, and AARP, the giant lobby for millions of senior citizens. [...]

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