Drug Pricing: Where Do We Go After the Election? image

Institute for Public Health, Washington University in St. Louis, October 26, 2016
Rachel Sachs


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Martin Shkreli. Valeant Pharmaceuticals. Mylan. Just a year ago, most Americans devoted little time and attention to the question of pharmaceutical pricing. Now, after a series of highly publicized scandals involving individuals and companies who hike the prices of products like the EpiPen or Daraprim with impunity, public awareness of these issues has dramatically increased – and policymakers are taking notice.

Importantly, to the extent that high drug prices are a problem, it is not an easy one to solve. As academics have argued, there are many different reasons why a drug may have a high price. We may simultaneously want to reward companies who come up with new, innovative cures for chronic conditions while preventing companies from raising the price of older generic drugs without good reason.

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