Few will use Obamacare hardship exemption, analysts say image

Washington Times, March 23, 2014
Jacqueline Klimas, quoting Matthew J. B. Lawrence (Academic Fellow)


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[...] “When you have a very vague term like this exemption 14, the devil could be in the details on how it is implemented,” Mr. Lawrence said. “But that is one place where a different administration or state with a more- or less-favorable view might take a different approach to implementing it.”

Mr. Lawrence also said there’s a precedent from Massachusetts, which enacted a universal health reform in the last decade. Very few people claimed a similarly loosely-worded exemption.

While the state approved a large percentage of those who applied for a hardship exemption, few went through the trouble of applying, Mr. Lawrence said.

But that was in Massachusetts, where most people approved of those health reforms. Nationally, where Obamacare is less popular , more people might apply for exemptions in an effort to avoid compliance, he said.

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