Freezing Eggs to Put off Pregnancy - Clever Business Move but Not Magic Bullet: Experts image

Ria Novosti, quoting I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director), October 20, 2014


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From the article:

[...] Although companies consider their offer to freeze eggs to be a benefit for female employees, Glenn Cohen, a Professor of Law at Harvard University, believes there is a different message the companies are trying to send.

“I think you see tech companies - Facebook and Apple - making the plunge so publically, in part because tech has a relatively bad reputation about its ability to attract and retain women,” he told Radio VR. “So, they are taking a concerted view that this is going to be a PR benefit for them, and also going to help with their retention of women.”

“I'm not in the heads of the people who decided to do this, but it is no surprise to me that these two companies have done this in a very public way,” he added. [...]

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