Generic EpiPen Will Likely Secure Profits For Mylan image

Law360, September 22, 2016
Dani Kass, quoting Rachel Sachs (Academic Fellow alumna)


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[...] Many customers are still likely to use the branded products once the generic is released, because copay discount cards and other assistance programs Mylan provides may make the branded drug cheaper, or the same price, for customers. However, the company is still likely to make money from the insurance companies and government payors covering the rest of the drug's price, Sachs said.

"The perception is if you can go for the Tylenol rather than the Safeway equivalent, and they are the same price, people tend to go for the Tylenol. They think it's better," said Sarpatwari. "There's a certain element of counting on this coupon being available and used. So Mylan is taking in less from the consumer but they're not giving any discount for the payor." [...]

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