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New York Times, December 1, 2018
Carl Zimmer, quoting I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)


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Like the New Jersey fertility doctors before him, Dr. He was roundly condemned for his secretive recklessness. The organizers of the Hong Kong meeting issued a statement Thursday calling the birth of the twins “irresponsible.” They said Dr. He had designed the study poorly, and they labeled his ethical considerations a “failure.” Some scientists who watched Dr. He's talk wondered if he might have actually removed the wrong chunk of the CCR5 gene. The Chinese government called the procedure illegal and opened an investigation.

I got in touch with Glenn Cohen, a professor at Harvard Law School who studies reproductive technologies, to ask him to guess what happens next. His forecast sounded like a repeat of the mitochondrial replacement story.

“My sense of what will happen is that across the world there will be strong regulatory action,” Professor Cohen told me. He predicted a blanket ban of the technology. “People are scared, and when they are scared they make decisions that are not so subtle.”

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