Innovative Contracting for Pharmaceuticals and Medicaid’s Best-Price Rule image

Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, Forthcoming
Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna), Nicholas Bagley, and Darius N. Lakdawalla


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From the abstract:

In recent years, drug manufacturers and private payers have expressed interest in novel pricing models that more closely link a drug’s price to its value. Indication-based pricing, outcome-based pricing, drug licenses, and drug mortgages have all been discussed as alternatives to paying strictly for volume. Manufacturers and payers have complained, however, that Medicaid’s “best-price rule” inhibits their ability to enter into these new pricing arrangements. This paper examines the best-price rule and assesses to what extent, if any, it might frustrate the goal of paying for value. We conclude that the best-price rule is not as serious a problem as it is sometimes made out to be, but that it is also not simply a convenient excuse for refusing to try something new. The law here is complex, and moving to a pay-for-value model for drugs will require close coordination between manufacturers, payers, and regulators.

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