Legal Roundtable: Right-to-work, Chappelle-Nadal’s assassination comment, Charlottesville and more image

St. Louis Public Radio, August 23, 2017
Kelly Moffitt, featuring Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)


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On Wednesday’s St. Louis on the Air, our monthly Legal Roundtable convened to discuss pressing issues of the law. Some of the topics on the table include: Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal’s Facebook comment (since deleted) in which she hoped President Donald Trump would be assassinated, suspension of Missouri’s right-to work law, a grand juror’s wish to speak out after the panel that did not charge ex-Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown and more.

Joining the program:

  • William Freivogel, J.D., Professor at the School of Journalism, Southern Illinois University – Carbondale
  • Rachel Sachs, J.D., Associate Professor of Law, Washington University School of Law
  • Mark Smith, J.D., Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean for Career Services Career Center, Washington University