NPR, October 30, 2017
Jason Beaubien


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[...] Dr. Eduardo Ibarra says the conditions in Puerto Rico, including the lack of power, are killing patients who otherwise would survive.

Ibarra is making house calls to mostly elderly patients in devastated parts of Toa Baja just west of San Juan: "I would say that of the ones I visit, 100 percent don't have electricity.

That means his patients don't have air conditioning or even fans to keep cool, a situation which aggravates bedsores for his bedridden patients. A lot of people still don't have running water, never mind hot water, so sanitation is poor. Their refrigerators aren't working either, so some medicines are going bad. Some dialysis clinics have shut down, too, forcing patients to search for alternatives.

"Between no light and no water and no money and no help ... the patients are getting very sick," he says. [...]

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