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Axios, October 4, 2017
By Sam Baker, featuring work by Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)


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Medicaid and value-based drug deals:

New research casts some doubt on the pharmaceutical industry's claim that Medicaid's "best-price" rule inhibits its ability to create contracts that pay for drugs based on how effective they are. The best-price rule says drug companies that negotiate rebates with private insurers have to offer at least the same discounts to Medicaid programs.

Yes, but: A new journal article from three health care researchers lays out how drug companies can still pursue value-based contracts without fear of losing their shirts from steep Medicaid discounts. For what it's worth, federal health agencies and Congress also could solve issues with Medicaid's best-price rule through regulations, waivers, or laws, according to the researchers.

Key quote: "The best-price rule is ... not as serious a problem as drug manufacturers sometimes make it out to be. But it is also not simply a convenient excuse for refusing to try something new."

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