Predicting the sick through personal trails of health data image

News Works, April 14, 2015
Todd Bookman, quoting I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)


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[...] "I think there is a lot of interest in the area right now, and it is a great coming together of the healthcare world and the computer science world, as well as the patient experience world," says I. Glenn Cohen, a professor at Harvard Law School, who has written about the legal and ethical concerns raised by the collision of health care and big data.

He believes there are still gray areas, though, about ownership and control of the information.

"Here there are questions of whether people whose data is going to be used to build the engine have the right to opt out, do they have to affirmatively opt in? Do they have to even be notified it's being used?"

Cohen says this whole field is too new for there to be accepted standards for how this information should be handled. For its part, IBX says it follows HIPAA guidelines regarding anonymity, and is only using the information to better serve its members. But it doesn't ask people to opt in. [...]

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