New York Times, August 3, 2017
Robert Pear and Sheila Kaplan


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WASHINGTON — The Senate on Thursday gave final approval to legislation to finance the Food and Drug Administration, clearing the measure for President Trump and tapping drug manufacturers once again to help pay for the federal review of prescription drugs and medical devices.

The 94-to-1 vote came just hours after the Senate passed a separate bill expanding access to experimental treatments for people with terminal illnesses. This bill, the Right to Try Act, will now go to the House, where more than three dozen lawmakers have endorsed similar legislation.

Mr. Trump is expected to sign the bill reauthorizing user fees to pay for the review of medical devices, brand-name drugs, generic drugs and biosimilars, which are copycat versions of costly biologic drugs made from living organisms.

The House approved the user fee bill by voice vote on July 12. [...]

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