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Boston Review, October 5, 2017
Frances Kamm (Senior Fellow Alumna)


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We are now seeing projects directed at the general public asking people to consider how they would like to plan for their demise. Such projects can be very worthwhile, since thinking about the matter in advance could lead to better results for everyone. Of these projects, in this article I consider only a 2010 report of the Massachusetts Expert Panel on End-of-Life Care called “Patient-Centered Care and Human Morality,” the Conversation Project Guide’s Conversation Starter Kit, the Serious Illness Conversation Guide of Ariadne Labs (founded by Dr. Atul Gawande), and some related material. Gawande, a vocal advocate for revising how the medical field approaches dying, emphasizes in his Being Mortal (2014) that palliative and hospice care may be preferable at the end of life to medical treatments when these have only a small chance of success.

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