Forbes, May 2, 2017
Richard Kestenbaum


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[...] One feature in the current bill is aimed right at the cannabis industry.  The language blocks the Department of Justice from spending money to prevent states from "implementing their own laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of medical marijuana." That means that neither President Trump nor Attorney General Jeff Sessions can use the Federal government's resources to enforce federal law to prevent the expansion of medical marijuana. It doesn't apply to recreational marijuana where the Department of Justice can prosecute whoever it wants. But it addresses the expansion of legalized cannabis by protecting one important facet of it from prosecution of any kind in states where it's legal. The bill makes it easy to see how changing attitudes are allowing the expansion of the cannabis industry. It's also easy to foresee how in the future, if enough people want it, a provision will be made to prevent the federal government from prosecuting anyone in the cannabis industry, including recreational users, in states where it's legal. [...]

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