Los Angeles Intellectual Property Law Association, Wegner's Writings, February 24, 2014
Harold C. Wegner, reviewing Timo Minssen (Petrie-Flom Visiting Scholar)


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From the review: Patent applicants seeking to gain global patent protection beyond their home country borders need a better comparative knowledge of key elements of the patent laws of the several countries. Professor Timo Minssen in his superb doctoral thesis directly challenges the seemingly identical statutory and treaty standards for patentability in Europe and the United States in his comparative study of the laws of Europe and the United States with respect to the treaty standard of an "inventive step." Timo Minssen, ASSESSING THE INVENTIVENESS OF BIOPHARMACEUTICALS UNDER THE EUROPEAN AND U.S. PATENT LAWS (Goteborg, Sweden: Ineko AB 2012). Professor Minssen's doctoral thesis represents required reading for anyone seeking to unmask the subtle differences between American and European practice (emphasis added).

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