STAT, July 6, 2018
Ed Silverman


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[...] His missive follows a stalemate earlier this week in which the NHS called an offer from the company as “unsupportable,” citing an analysis that the drug would not be cost-effective. Vertex turned around and quickly issued a statement saying the NHS took a position that is “outrageous” and “unconscionable.”

The letter is likely to further escalate the debate over access to the Vertex drug, since Leiden wrote to May that he made a point of sharing it with members of Parliament and an advocacy group that has agitated on behalf of cystic fibrosis patients and their families.

The battle over Orkambi, which has been raging for more than two years, is illustrative of the growing friction between drug makers and cash-strapped governments over the rising cost of medicines. Similar rows are taking place in Canada, Australia, and France, and a nasty dispute occurred in Ireland. [...]

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