With The ACA Secure, It’s Time To Focus On Social Determinants image

Health Affairs Blog, July 21, 2015
Lauren Taylor (Student Fellow alumna) and Elizabeth Bradley


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From the article: 

While Medicaid expansion remains a dream for Americans in many states, the integrity of both the state and federal marketplaces for insurance remained intact following the June 25 Supreme Court decision to allow the federal government to provide nationwide tax subsidies to help people buy health insurance. The following morning, Kathleen Sebelius led a discussion at the Aspen Ideas Festival calling the Court’s action “The strongest possible decision. Definitive.” The judicial victory provided space for participants to commit to asking new questions about how to improve health at a reasonable cost. After months of uncertainty, many of the leading minds in US health policy began to ask: What’s next?

In the days that followed, Festival participants repeatedly identified the misalignment between the health care system and social service providers as a rate-limiting step to improving population health. Many believe that aligning these sectors would allow for a more systematic approach to improving the social determinants of health. [...]

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