Welcome to our 2017-2018 Student Fellows!

Petrie-Flom Center, September 14, 2017

The Petrie-Flom Center is pleased to welcome our new 2017-2018 Student Fellows! In the coming year, our fellows will pursue independent scholarly projects related to health law policy, biotechnology, and bioethics under the mentorship of Center faculty…

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FDA Law SSRN Reading List - August 2017

Objective Intent Blog, September 14, 2017
By Erika Lietzan, highlighting work by Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)

From the post:  Rachel Sachs, Administering Health Information (forthcoming in Cardozo Law Review).  Professor Sachs (Washington University, in St. Louis) explores the potential…

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FDA Law SSRN Reading List - August 2017

Objective Intent Blog, September 14, 2017
Erika Lietzan, highlighting work by Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)

From the post:  Rachel Sachs, Administering Health Information (forthcoming in Cardozo Law Review).  Professor Sachs (Washington…

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The Latest Scam To Protect Sketchy Patents From Patent Office Review: Sell To Native Americans

Techdirt Blog, September 13, 2017
By Mike Masnick, citing Bill of Health post by Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)

From the article: [...] Being "self-reliant" means doing something of actual value yourself. It doesn't mean abusing an already questionable loophole in patent law to help giant pharma companies keep their dubious patents and limit the ability…

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Why a Drug Company Is Selling Patents to a Native American Tribe

Gizmodo, September 12, 2017
By Ryan F. Mandelbaum, quoting Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)

[...] There is concern that this act may be precedent setting, and other companies may also try and transfer patents to Native American tribes to get around these patent lawsuits. Rachel Sachs, a patent law professor at Washington University…

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Allergan’s deal with the Mohawks raises troubling questions about the future of generics

STAT , September 11, 2017
By Ed Silverman, quoting Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)

From the article: [...] Legal experts, however, say that tribal sovereignty may also thwart generic drug makers from filing a conventional lawsuit. If so, the ramifications may be far-reaching and ominous for consumers,…

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Politico Pulse: What We’re Reading

POLITICO, September 11, 2017
Dan Diamond, citing blog post by Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)

Writing at Harvard's Bill of Health blog, law professor Rachel Sachs says that we should be "very, very concerned about what Allergan just did" by making a deal with a Native American tribe to protect a drug patent. More.

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U.S. tribal patent deal could have big impact on generic drug market

Reuters, September 11, 2017
By Jan Wolfe, quoting Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)

Challenging patents in federal court is slower and more expensive, though generic companies certainly do it. Teva Pharmaceuticals Inc and other generic drug companies are suing Allergan in federal court seeking a ruling that the latter’s Restasis patents should not…

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PFC Spotlight: Student Fellow Alumna Sara Abiola

Petrie-Flom Center, September 7, 2017

Sara Abiola, PhD, JD, was a Student Fellow during the 2006-2007 academic year, while a second-year law student and first-year health policy doctoral candidate. As part of the…

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Artificial wombs are coming. They could completely change the debate over abortion.

Vox, August 23, 2017
I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

From the article: There’s a scientific development on the horizon that could upend the abortion debate: artificial wombs. The research remains preliminary,…

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Legal Roundtable: Right-to-work, Chappelle-Nadal’s assassination comment, Charlottesville and more

St. Louis Public Radio, August 23, 2017
Kelly Moffitt, featuring Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)

On Wednesday’s St. Louis on the Air, our monthly Legal Roundtable convened to discuss pressing issues of the law. Some of the topics on the table include: Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal’s Facebook comment (since deleted) in which she…

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Obamacare survives its latest threat: Bare counties

POLITICO Pulse, August 21, 2017
Dan Diamond, quoting Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)

From the article:  Trump quietly signs FDA reauthorization bill. The president didn't hold a signing ceremony on Friday, even though the bill has been one of the few major pieces of legislation…

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What you missed while following Charlottesville: The opioid emergency

Axios, August 18, 2017
Erica Pandey, quoting Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)

From the article: The opioid emergency "The opioid crisis is an emergency, and I'm saying officially, right now, it is an emergency ... It's a national emergency. We're…

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New Serious Illness Program Design and Implementation Framework

Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC), August 17, 2017
Khue Nguyen, Theresa Schmidt, Robin Whitney, Gary Bacher, Janice Bell, Sibel Ozcelik (Lead Authors)

As part of the Project on Advanced Care and Health Policy, the Petrie-Flom Center hosted two convenings on Critical…

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How Gene Cloning In Pigs Could Help Humans Fight Disease

Greater Boston (WGBH, Boston), August 15, 2017
Jim Braude, interviewing I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

For the next great medical advancement, look not to the test tube, but to the farm. Experiments that were done here in Boston could make it possible to one-day transplant organs from pics into people. Scientists from Boston start-up eGenesis modified pig genes to remove viruses that could cause diseases…

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The One Time Congress Let the Public Comment on an Upcoming Bill: Was the Last Time It Passed a Major Health Law with Bipartisan Support

Pacific Standard, August 14, 2017
Francie Diep, quoting Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)

[...] Congress doesn't typically ask for public comments on the bills it's considering. But, in January of 2015, the House Energy and Commerce Committee did just that, for a first draft of the 21st Century Cures Act. In a month, the committee received nearly 1,000 pages' worth of…

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Bernie Sanders Tells Big Pharma: Stop Making Americans Pay Twice

International Business Times, August 7, 2017
Josh Keefe, quoting Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)

[...] Other experts told IBT federal support of drug development goes well beyond just funding research. “It’s not so much the money we are actually spending through NIH. We are providing huge value to companies in tax credits, other incentives, expedited FDA approval, exclusivity…

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Who’s Actually Using ‘Right-To-Try’ Laws?: A Texas Oncologist Explains his Experience

RAPS, August 4, 2017
Zachary Brennan, quoting Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow alumna)

'The record with state-level right-to-try laws also suggests lackluster interest from industry. "It's telling that although 37 states have adopted these laws, when asked to provide examples of success stories, one of the primary groups pushing for their adoption can only provide the testimonies…

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Farewell from Holly Fernandez Lynch, Petrie-Flom Executive Director from 2012-2017

Petrie-Flom Center, August 4, 2017
Holly Fernandez Lynch (Outgoing Executive Director)

Dear Petrie-Flom Community,  Today marks my last day as the Petrie-Flom Center’s Executive Director. In September, I will embark on the next phase of my career, joining the faculty at the Department…

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Academic Fellow Alum Matthew J. B. Lawrence Joins Faculty at Dickinson Law (Penn State)

Dickinson Law, Penn State University, August 1, 2017

Matthew J.B. Lawrence has joined the faculty of Penn State’s Dickinson Law as assistant professor of law. An expert in the fields of health law and administrative law, Lawrence will teach Health…

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