Deadline: February 16, 2015

Brian Costello

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The Journalist Law School at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles is now accepting applications for its 10th-annual fellowship scheduled for May 2015. Applications for the program, which is free to journalists, are due by Feb. 16, 2015. For more information, please see the details below and at


The challenge of reporting on the legal system without a law degree is daunting. To help support journalists who cover the courts on national, regional or local levels, the Civil Justice Program at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles has developed a journalist law program consisting of a free four-day intensive seminar on the legal system. Loyola Law School is offering fellowships to 35 professional journalists who have a minimum of three years of experience. Fellowships cover instruction, materials, lodging and most meals, as well as one-half of travel expenses to a maximum of $300. Fellows are competitively selected by a committee of Loyola Law School professors. Journalist Law School activities will include classes with experienced law faculty who understand deadline pressure; lectures and break-out sessions by practicing journalistlawyers; and opportunities to meet informally with state and federal judges, other journalists and leading members of the Bar. The classes will take place in the Frank Gehry-designed Girardi Advocacy Center, containing state-of-the-art teaching facilities and courtrooms. A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the program.


  • Why the Supreme Court is not the final word on most legal questions.
  • The 10 most common misunderstandings about the legal system.
  • Why legal "technicalities" can be a matter of life or death.
  • The most frequent reasons appeals courts reverse lower courts.


  • How to situate run-of-the-mill cases into a broader framework.
  • Deciding whether a case is ordinary or precedent-setting.
  • Honing the capacity to ask lawyers tougher questions.
  • How to find new stories in or outside of the courthouse.

Fellows will receive a copy of the book by Professors Nockleby, Levenson and Manheim: The Journalist’s Guide to American Law.

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