Deadline: June 30, 2014

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Job Description: The Center for Biomedical Ethics (SCBE) is dedicated to interdisciplinary research and education in biomedical ethics, and provides clinical and research ethics consultation.  SCBE also serves as a scholarly resource on emerging ethical issues raised by medicine and biomedical research.  We are seeking a qualified candidate to support two distinct areas of effort:

The first is to support work on the Clinical Translational Science Award (CTSA), an NIH-funded five-year grant currently in its first year.  A primary responsibility is to serve as the liaison between clinical researchers and the Bioethics Consultation Service (BECS), the role of which is to advise researchers on the ethical considerations of their projects.  Duties include scheduling and attending consults, entering qualitative and quantitative data related to the course and outcome of the consults into the BECS excel database, tracking progress of the BECS service, and assisting in efforts of the faculty to incorporate the ethics consult service into the larger university research procedure as standard practice.  Coordination of the CTSA Research Ethics Consultation Standardization Working Group, data collection from various CTSAs, and assistance with the project’s publications (manuscripts, tables) will be required.  Other duties will include obtaining information and reporting on previous consults and creating case studies from BECS reports for educational use.  As well, literature review and manuscript preparation for CTSA-related research projects will be required.  This position is also responsible for tracking project expenses and assisting the grant manager with expense forecasting. 

The second major function, purpose and role is serving as Editorial Manager of the American Journal of Bioethics (AJOB).  Duties include supervising the Editorial Assistant and monitoring the completion of her tasks; performing a first read-through of all submitted manuscripts; and assigning manuscripts to the most suitable Associate Editor (after deeming them suitable for publication/peer review).  Responsibilities also include organizing the annual journal-wide editorial board meeting; managing the workflows of all Associate Editors; inviting peer reviewers for various articles and oversee the timely return of peer reviews; oversee the timely completion of all steps in the editorial process (basically going from managing submissions through designing issues for publication); answering all inquiries from both potential and actual authors; distributing and overseeing the timely return of Conflict of Interest forms from all authors; reading through revised manuscripts to determine whether the proper revisions have been made; and checking/correcting final proofs of issues before publication.  As well, guide the development of the cover for each issue; develop and maintain the final Table of Contents for each issue (to be sent to the publisher, Taylor & Francis); editing the code (HTML) of the Manuscript Central homepage (editorial site where all submissions come through) to reflect the availability of new target articles for commentary; sending out broadcast emails to the larger AJOB community (~5000 people) to solicit commentaries for these new target articles; sending personal invitations for commentary to desired contributors (often prominent members of the field of Bioethics); selecting submitted commentaries for publication (after reading through all submissions).

Also included: Overseeing updates to and maintenance of; managing the AJOB Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts; coordinating correspondences between editors of the journal and the publisher, Taylor & Francis; serving as the primary liaison between Taylor & Francis (publisher) and the AJOB editorial team/office; serve as the primary contact for authors along all steps of the editorial process.

Qualifications: The candidate must have a two-year college degree in a social or health science field, and two years of experience in administration, writing or editing, and developmental biology, health or social science research, or an equivalent combination of education and experience; BA/BS preferred.  We prefer candidates with a background in bioethics and some research experience.  This position also requires English fluency with excellent writing and editing skills, with high attention to detail. Experience in data mining (e.g. scientific, theoretical and social science literature reviews) in media forms such as journals and national government databases (including “”) is required.  Must possess excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.  Other necessary skills include proficiency in MS Office computer software programs (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint), the ability to interpret financial reports and a demonstrated ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.  Prefer budget forecasting and expense reporting experience.  Experience supervising support staff is a plus.

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