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General Description:

The Harvard Medical School Fellowship in Bioethics is a one-year, part-time program committed to developing leaders with an expertise in bioethics.

The core of the fellowship is a weekly seminar, featuring a list of esteemed guest speakers. Each seminar explores foundational concepts and topics central to bioethics, and pushes boundaries to deepen moral imagination on current and emerging bioethical issues. 

The program emphasizes peer learning and collaboration, and offers a custom-tailored project mentored by faculty.   

Backed with the resources of Harvard's network of teaching hospitals, clinicians, and academic faculty, fellows have access to a multitude of incomparable bioethics events, educational activities, and networking opportunities.


  • Meet faculty and leaders from a variety of disciplines across Harvard Medical School and its world-renowned teaching hospitals.
  • Discover your passion through exposure to a broad curriculum of lectures, academic seminars, and hands-on experiences.
  • Develop frameworks and apply bioethical theory through academic seminars, clinical case study, and in-class discussion.
  • Enjoy access to Center for Bioethics weekly consortia, campus lectures, special events, and Harvard's network of libraries and digital resources. 


  • Develop the ability to discern ethical questions and to struggle respectfully with alternative views.
  • Contribute to meaningful peer collaborations through discussion, in-class lectures, and social events.
  • Receive mentorship in transitioning to the next level of your career and meeting long-term aspirations.
  • Develop real-world skills applying theoretical frameworks to issues in clinical, research, and public health ethics.


  • Contribute to advancing knowledge through independent scholarship.
  • Develop a personal project with a scholarly focus (a paper for publication) or an organizational focus in your area of expertise.
  • Navigate ethical analysis - from clinical cases to issues of national policy

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