Deadline: June 17, 2014

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Petrie-Flom Executive Director Holly Fernandez Lynch will speak on Thursday, June 19, on "What Ethicists Should Know about the Law."

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Wednesday, June 18th

8:00 am: Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30: Welcome and Introduction         

8:45: Development of Clinical Bioethics: Cases, Committees and Concepts, Christine Mitchell                 

9:30: Questions and Comments

9:45: Moral Reasoning and Ethical Justification, Andrew Schroeder

10:30: Questions and Comments                          

10:45: Refreshment Break

11:00: Micro Ethics, Robert Truog

11:45: Questions and Comments

12:00: Transition Break (pick up box lunch)

12:15: Small Group Case Discussion over Lunch (assigned rooms)

1:15: Transition Break

1:30: Ethical Analysis: Three Methods

  • Principlism, Patrick Smith

  • Virtue Ethics, Frank Chessa

  • Narrative Ethics, Charlotte Harrison          

2:30, Questions and Comments

2:45, Transition

3:00, Concurrent Sessions

  • Competencies for Ethics Consultation – Preparing a portfolio, Christine Mitchell

  • Ethics and Values in Health Care Reform, Lauren Taylor

  • Ethical Tensions between Maternal Fetal Medicine and Pediatrics, Stephen Brown

  • Medical Futility, Robert Truog

  • Studies of Ethics Consultation: How do the Data Inform our Practice?, Jennifer Kesselheim

  • The Fluidity of Professional Boundaries, Guy Maytal

4:00: Transition

4:15: Atoms, Autonomy and Molecular Ethics, Lachlan Forrow

5:00: Questions and Comments

5:15: Adjourn to Networking Reception and Buffet

6:00: Ethics Committees and Consults—open discussion, Christine Mitchell and Faculty

Groups (self-led) to Museum of Fine Arts; Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum       


Thursday, June 19th

8:00am: Continental Breakfast

8:25: Announcements

8:30: Ethics Consultation: Standards and Competencies, Martha Jurchak   

9:15: Questions and Comments

9:30: Ethical Analysis: Three More Methods

  • Casuistry, Judy Johnson

  • Utilitarianism, Frank Chessa

  • Feminist Ethics, Alyssa Spielberg

10:30: Questions and Comments

10:45: Refreshment Break

11:00: Rationing Tools: QALYs and DALYs, Andrew Schroeder

11:45: Questions and Comments

12:00pm: Transition break (pick up box lunch)

12:15: Small Group Case Discussion over Lunch (assigned rooms)

1:15: Transition Break

1:30: Teaching Bioethics: Practical Approaches to Common Challenges, Ed Hundert

2:15: Questions and Comments

2:30: Transition

2:45: Concurrent Sessions                     

  • Advance Care Planning: Legal documents to patient-centered process, Tanja Krones

  • Core Cases in Women’s Health, Louise King

  • Deadly Medicine: How the Past Should Inform the Future, Mildred Solomon

  • Talking to Families about Ethics Consultation–A Video, Martha Jurchak and Wendy McHugh

  • Pediatric Ethics: Foregoing Hydration and Nutrition, Jehanna Peerzada

  • Teaching Bioethics: Program to Enhance Relational & Communication Skills, Elaine Meyer           

3:45: Refreshment Break and Transition

4:00: What Ethicists Should Know About the Law, Holly Lynch

4:45: Questions and Comments

5:00: Networking Reception and Buffet

6:00: “The Drama of DNA” – A play and panel about the shifting landscape from newborn screening to genome sequencing, by Lynn Bush and Karen Rothenberg; with local actors

7:00: Panel and audience interaction: Lynn Bush, Robert Green, Karen Rothenberg,  and Players

8:00: Close


Friday, June 20th

8:00am: Continental Breakfast

8:25: Welcome and Announcements

8:30: New Ethical Questions in the Genomic Era, Robert Green

9:15: Questions and Comments

9:30: Medical Mistakes, Robert Truog

10:15: Questions and Comments

10:30: Refreshment Break

10:45: Narrative Ethics: What Matters?, Martha Montello 

11:30: Questions and Comments          

11:45: Mind the Gap: Reason and Emotion in Ethics, Guy Maytal

12:30pm: Questions and Comments          

12:45: Transition (pick up box lunch)

1:00: Small Group Discussion over Lunch (assigned rooms) – Varieties and vagaries of ethics committees and consultation

2:00: Transition                           

2:15: May Doctors and Nurses Help You Die?, Marcia Angell and Lachlan Forrow

3:00: Questions and Comments

3:15: Refreshment Break

3:30: The Future of Bioethics, Mildred Solomon

4:15: Questions and Comments

4:30: Evaluation and Closing Remarks

4:45: Adjourn

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