Deadline: October 08, 2016

Caroline Ethier

Brief Job Description:

We are seeking a skilled and enthusiastic postdoctoral fellow (PDF) to pursue an innovative research program at the intersection of law/ethics/technology with a focus on aging. We are open to all creative proposals. The selected person will be supervised in this post-doctoral work by leading health law, ethics/law and technology scholars from the University of Ottawa. Applicants are encouraged to set out their creative ideas for a post-doc in this regard that would make a new knowledge contribution. It is expected that this aspect of the work will absorb 50% of the successful candidate’s time and result in a series of joint publications at the end of the year, with the post-doc as the lead author.

The balance of the PDF’s time would involve applying ethics knowledge through supporting AGE-WELL NCE, in particular ETHICS-TECH. The PDF will take the lead on researching innovative approaches to ethics training and implementing them across the network. They will collaborate to design a research study with the purpose of informing network members on the development of ethical frameworks and processes. The first part of the program will be the creation of a practical guide on ethical issues relevant to assistive technology research, knowledge translation, and commercialization. Its second component will be the coordination of a support service available for AGE-WELL projects to help identify and respond to specific ethical issues. The PDF will be working in a transdisciplinary environment and involved in training and mentorship of network members in order to implement ethical framework.

The successful candidate will be registered as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa and will enjoy all associated privileges. This individual will have a background in law and ethics, social ethics or bioethics, and will, further, become familiar with all AGE-WELL-funded research projects in order to identify ethical issues and develop analytic tools, resources and strategies to assist in addressing these ethical issues around technology. To be clear, however, it is not necessary the successful applicant’s doctoral work may be in any related field, providing that they have some background in law and/or ethics.

Basic Requirements:

  • Doctoral degree in law or allied field (e.g., ethics [social or bioethics], political science, public health) with undergraduate training in law. The preference will be on candidates with doctorates awarded in the last 5 years but all candidates will be considered.

  • Research experience, preferably in law/ethics

  • Computer skills

  • English Proficiency


  • Some expertise in health technology assessment, economic analysis, health intervention implementation research

  • Bilingualism (English and French)

  • Familiarization with AGE-WELL NCE-funded projects

  • Experience in coordinating research projects or training programs

  • Experience with knowledge translation and exchange 


Applications will be considered until a successful candidate is found. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority.

To apply, please include:

  • A cover letter

  • A complete curriculum vitae

  • A one-page (max.) description of research interests relevant for this position

The application must be emailed to:

Caroline Ethier (AGE-WELL Work Package 8 Coordinator) via email— 

Learn more about the opportunity and how to apply here!

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