Deadline: August 22, 2016

Jean Ottis

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The Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) is now accepting applications to fill the policy director position. With around 900 people on staff and a $350 million budget, PDPH leads programs to prevent communicable diseases, prevent chronic diseases and promote healthy behaviors, and prevent environmental health risks. The policy director will be responsible for developing and implementing policies for the primary prevention of key public health risks.


The Public Health Policy Director will have primary responsibility for developing and implementing policies for the primary prevention of key public health risks, including environmental risks, risks from alcohol and drugs (legal  and illegal), and the social determinants of health.  This work will involve:
• Literature research on potential policies
• Legal research (with the assistance of department lawyers)
• Data analysis (with the assistance of department epidemiologists)
• Policy development
• Preparation of policy brief  and presentations
• Presentation of proposals to policy-makers
• Development and maintenance of partnerships to support policy implementation (with the assistance of others in the Department)


We are looking for a person with: 1) experience in policy development, 2) the ability to independently investigate and develop policy proposals, 3) quantitative skills needed to assess the potential impact of policies, 3) skills to communicate those proposals in writing or in person to others with varying backgrounds, and 4) the ability to lead or participate in teams in the development and implementation of policies. Candidates do not need expertise in specific health topics, but must have the ability to independently read expert literature, synthesize the key points, draw conclusions, and develop practical plans based on those conclusions. 

Position details:

This will be a contract position in which the candidate will be an employee of the Public Health Management Corporation.  The salary will depend on experience and the range of salaries for persons with similar responsibilities.  The position is available immediately.


Send resume and two references electronically to:
Jean Ottis:

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