Deadline: September 26, 2016


Podcasts are increasingly where people go for journalism and expert opinion. The Sit'N Listen science podcast is a platform for young scholars to share science from their perspectives. For over a year, we've been producing episodes which focus squarely on science as well as episodes dissecting the intersection of science and society by bringing together scholars from law, STS, design, the natural sciences, etc. We're currently recruiting for episodes on gender & sports, cities under a changing climate, in vitro fertilization, and looking for additional ideas.

If you want to write, produce, edit, and more, join us for the big podcast planning meeting on Monday September 26 at 7pm (12 Oxford Street, Mallinckrodt Labs Room 102– Cabot Division Room). RSVP here and send any questions to Sit'N Listen is a graduate student production of Science in the News