Drug Approval in a Learning Health System

Minnesota Law Review, Forthcoming, July 30, 2018
by W. Nicholson Price (Academic Fellow Alumnus)

From the article: The current system of FDA approval seems to make few happy. Some argue FDA approves drugs too slowly; others too quickly. Many agree that FDA—and the health system generally—should… Read More

Call for Abstracts: Data Min(d)ing: Privacy and Our Digital Identities
Office of the Chief Information Officer: Department of Health and Human Services

Deadline: June 15, 2018

General Description:As we go about our daily lives, we leave a digital trail of data. Data points from what we share on social media, pings from our internet-connected devices, and purchases from our grocery… Read More

NOW AVAILABLE! Big Data, Health Law, and Bioethics

Cambridge University Press, March 2018
by I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director), Holly Fernandez Lynch (former Executive Director), Urs Gasser, and Effy Vayena

Now available - order it online!  From the book: When data from all aspects of our lives can be relevant to our health - from our habits at the grocery store and our Google searches to our FitBit… Read More

Risk and Resilience in Health Data Infrastructure

Colorado Technology Law Journal, Volume 16, Issue 1 (2017)
by W. Nicholson Price II (Academic Fellow Alumnus)

From the journal article: Today’s health system runs on data. However, for a system that generates and requires so much data, the health care system is surprisingly bad at maintaining, connecting,… Read More