Program Manager for Outside Activities
Office of Academic and Research Integrity, Harvard Medical School

Deadline: December 24, 2014

Duties and Responsibilitie


Reporting to the Associate Director for Academic and Research Integrity...

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An Empirical Method for Materiality

American Journal of Law and Medicine, Forthcoming, 2014
by Roy G. Spece Jr., David V. Yokum, Andrea-Gale Okoro, and Christopher T. Robertson (Petrie-Flom Affiliated Faculty; Former Petrie-Flom Academic Fellow)

>Abstract: ;The law has long been concerned with the agency problems that arise when advisors, su... Read More

Conflict of Interest in Medical Research, Education, and Practice

Institute of Medicine, 2009

This report provides detailed information of the problem of conflict of interest in medicine. It rev...

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Protecting Patients, Preserving Integrity, Advancing Health

by Association of American Medical Colleges & Association of American Universities

This is a link to a joint report by the AAMC and AAU that provides recommendations for universities...

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Grants and Funding: Financial Conflict of Interest

National Institutes of Health

This is a link to the NIH’s page on financial conflict of interest. It includes a link to the...

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Conflict of Interest in Biomedical Research: FASEB Guidelines

Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
by Laura Brockway & Leo Furch

This article suggests conflict of interest guidelines for individual biomedical investigators to add...

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Conflict of Interest in Biomedical Research

The Hastings Center

This link provides a brief overview of the issues arising due to conflict of interest.

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Understanding Financial Conflict of Interest

New England Journal of Medicine
by David Thompson

This is a seminal work on conflicts of interest that is aimed at creating a better understanding the...

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Conflicts of Interest in Biomedical Research

Journal of the American Medical Association
by David Korn

This article provides reasons why financial conflicts of interest should be a focus of attention for...

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Scope and Impact of Financial Conflict of Interest in Biomedical Research

Journal of the American Medical Association
by Justin Bekelman, Yan Li & Cary Gross

This article, although now somewhat dated, provides a review of quantitative studies on the extent,...

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Anonymity, the Production of Goods, and Institutional Design

Fordham Law Review, Forthcoming
by Jeffrey Skopek



In this article, I demonstrate that anonymity has been misconceived as an aspect of priva...

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Institutional Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research Universities

Friday, November 02, 2012
Milstein Conference Rooms, Wasserstein Hall, Harvard Law School

Conference Overview

Following the turn of the twenty-first century and the burst of the “IT...

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