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From cyborgs to sex robots

Star Tribune, October 3, 2018
by Richard Chin, featuring Francis X. Shen (Senior Fellow)

From the article: Francis Shen spends a lot of time thinking about transhuman cyborgs, brain-wave lie detectors, sex robots and terrorists hacking into devices implanted in our heads. And, no, he’s… Read More

A Dangerous Brain

The Marshall Project, August 14, 2018
by Andrew R. Calderon, quoting Francis Shen (Visiting Scholar)

From the article:  To date, neuroprediction has not been admitted into the courtroom or parole hearings. Some scholars, like Thomas Nadelhoffer, a fellow at the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke… Read More

You can love the brain and football, too

StarTribune, January 31, 2018
by Francis X. Shen (Senior Fellow)

Check out the new op-ed from Francis X. Shen, Senior Fellow in Law and Neuroscience at the Project on Law and Applied Neuroscience, a collaboration between the Center for Law, Brain… Read More