FDA Approval Of Hepatitis C Drugs For Kids Is Likely To Speed Treatment

NPR, April 19, 2017
by Michelle Andrews

With the approval this month of two drugs to treat hepatitis C in children, these often overlooked v...

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Charlie Gard case: Doctors can withdraw baby’s life support

BBC News, April 11, 2017

Doctors can withdraw life support from a sick baby with a rare genetic condition against his parents...

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Philadelphia Flooded With New Risperdal Lawsuits; Trials Split But Include Massive Verdict

Forbes, April 10, 2017
by Nicholas Malfitano

Records from the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas reveal more than 3,000 new Risperdal...

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Cutting Planned Parenthood Would Increase Medicaid Births, C.B.O. Says

New York Times, March 14, 2017
by Kate Zernike

Cutting off federal funding for Planned Parenthood — a longstanding conservative goa...

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Spike In Syphilis Among Newborns Driven By Broader Epidemic

Kaiser Health News, March 2, 2017
by Anna Gorman

[...] State and local health officials and medical providers around the U.S. are uncertain of the pr...

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Michigan Ends Water Subsidies To Flint Despite Mayor’s Opposition

NPR, March 1, 2017
by Merrit Kennedy

Starting today, the people of Flint, Mich., will have to bear the full cost of the water flowing thr...

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Workshop on Pretrial Justice: What Works and Why

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

In September 2016, the Federal Judicial Center hosted a workshop for federal judges and law enforcem...

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EpiPen Maker Quietly Steers Effort That Could Protect Its Price

New York Times, September 16, 2016
by Eric Lipton and Rachel Abrams, quoting Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumnus)

[...] The idea being advanced is simple: If the EpiPen makes the federal preventive l...

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Boys to Men to Boys

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 12:00 PM
Lectures and Panels
Wasserstein Hall, Milstein East C (2036)
Harvard Law School, 1585 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA

Couldn't join us for the event? Check out more information, including related publications and o...

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Review of Human subjects research regulation: perspectives on the future

Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, Vol. 36, Issue 2, April 2015
by Lydia Stewart Ferreira (Visiting Scholar)

Petrie-Flom Visiting Scholar ;Lydia Stewart Ferreira, currently Adjunct Professor at t...

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Families Matter: Ethically, Legally, and Clinically

Friday, March 20, 2015
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA



We often talk, in bioethics, about individual autonomy. Yet our most challenging ethic...

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Petrie-Flom Event Review: An opening for measles

Harvard Gazette, February 27, 2015
by Colleen Walsh

[...] The recent California outbreak has reignited debates about balancing the public welfare while...

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Petrie-Flom Event Review:

Harvard Crimson, February 26, 2015
by Gabrielle M. Williams

There is a delicate balance between preserving individual rights and protecting public health when i...

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Senior Fellow for Law & Neuroscience Amanda Pustilnik Guest Lecturing in HLS Seminar

Petrie-Flom, January 21, 2015

As part of her work with the Petrie-Flom Center and Center for Law Brain and Behavior at MGH's P...

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Two Full-Time Faculty Positions
Treuman Katz Center for Pediatric Bioethics, University of Washington Seattle

Deadline: December 15, 2014

The Treuman Katz Center for Pediatric Bioethics, Seattle Children’ Research Institute and the...

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Call for Papers: Emerging Family Law Scholars Workshop
Family Law and Policy Program, University of Illinois College of Law

Deadline: December 01, 2014

The Family Law and Policy Program at the University of Illinois College of Law—in conjunction...

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Law and Ethics of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

Thursday, November 06, 2014 12:00 PM
Lectures and Panels
Wasserstein Hall, Room 3018
1585 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA

The Petrie-Flom Center hosted a discussion of the issues surrounding noninvasive prenatal testing (N...

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Part-Time Clinical Ethicist
Office of Ethics, Boston Children's Hospital

Deadline: October 31, 2014

>The Office of Ethics at Boston Children's Hospital is immediately seeking a part-time Clinical E...

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Human Subjects Research Regulation

MIT Press, August 2014
by I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director) and Holly Fernandez Lynch (Executive Director), eds.

>Human Subjects Research Regulation: Perspectives on the Future (MIT Press 2014), co-edited by Petrie... Read More

Delaying Pregnancy and Parenthood

The Forum at the Harvard School of Public Health, May 21, 2014
by Featuring I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

In a new report, the National Center for Health Statistics at the CDC has confirmed that the av...

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Stem Cell Therapy and Medical Tourism: Of Promise and Peril?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Lectures and Panels
Austin Hall, Classroom 111, Harvard Law School
Watch Event Recordings

Experimental breakthroughs within the field of regenerative medicine are reported in the media on a...

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