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For Doctors Who Want To Provide Abortions, Employment Contracts Often Tie Their Hands

NPR, November 26, 2018
by Mara Gordon

Doctors who are opposed to abortions don't have to provide them. Since the 1970s, a series of federal rules have provided clinicians with "conscience protections" that help them keep their… Read More

Miscarrying at Work

New York Times, October 21, 2018
by Jessica Silver-Greenberg and Natalie Kitroeff

[...] Pregnancy discrimination is widespread in corporate America. Some employers deny expecting mothers promotions or pay raises; others fire them before they can take maternity leave. But for… Read More

Abortion row reignites as US Supreme Court justice retires

The Citizen, June 29, 2018
by By AFP, quoting Allison K. Hoffman (Academic Fellow Alumna)

From the article: Allison Hoffman, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania, says many Supreme Court decisions that fell short of a full repeal of Row vs Wade have nevertheless eroded women’s… Read More

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