Fall 2016

Course ID Title Instructor
FAS-ESPP 90P Biotechnology, Sustainability and Public Policy Calestous Juma
FAS-ETHRSON 33 Medical Ethics and History David Shumway Jones
FAS-FRSEMR 22D Time for Sleep: Impact of sleep deficiency and circadian disruption in our 24/7 Culture Charles Czeisler
FAS-FRSEMR 23M Nutrition and Public Health Clifford W. Lo
FAS-GHHP 60 Negotiation and Conflict Management: From the Interpersonal to the International Daniel Shapiro
FAS-GOV 1093/FAS-SCRB 60 Ethics, Biotechnology, and the Future of Human Nature Michael Sandel/Douglas Melton
FAS-GOV 2034/LAW-2076 Ethics, Economics, and Law Michael Sandel
FAS-HIST 87A Health, Disease, and Ecology in African History Emmanuel Akyeampong
FAS-HISTSCI 136 History of Biotechnology Sophia Roosth
FAS-HLTHPOL 2000A Core Course in Health Policy Joseph P. Newhouse and Alan Zaslavsky
FAS-HLTHPOL 3050 Federal Research Funding John Hsu
FAS-SCRB 130 Biomedical Entrepreneuring: Turning Ideas into Medicine Derrick Rossi
FAS-SOC-STD 98OC Humans, Technology, and Biopolitics Anya Bernstein
FAS-SOCWORLD 47 Contemporary Developing Countries: Entrepreneurial Solutions to Intractable Problems Tarun Khanna
FAS-US-WORLD 11 U.S. Health Care Policy Amitabh Chandra
GSD-SES 5330 Healthy Places Ann Forsyth
GSD-STU 1306 Gesundheit! On Health, or: The Ecology of Living Ben van Berkel
HBS-2195 Transforming Health Care Delivery Robert S. Huckman and Amitabh Chandra
HDS-2936 Clinical Chaplaincy: Interfaith Caregiving Skills and Practice Chris Berlin
HDS-3587 Science, Religion and Sex: Bodies, Sexualities and Medicine in the Medieval Middle East Ahmed Ragab
HGSD-SES 5330 Healthy Places Ann Forsyth
HGSE-EDU AH125 Driving Science-Based Innovation in Early Childhood and Practice Policy Jack Shonkoff
HGSE-EDU H392 Childhood Trauma: Dynamics, Interventions, and Cross-Cultural Perspectives Betsy McAlister Groves
HKS-API 126 American Economic Policy Martin Feldstein, Jeffrey Liebman, and Lawrence H. Summers
HKS-API 304 Behavioral Economics and Public Policy Brigitte Madrian
HKS-SUP 205 Inequality and Social Policy Devah Pager
HKS-SUP 500 Introduction to U.S. Health Care Policy Sheila Burke and Benjamin Cook
HKS-SUP 501 U.S. Health Care Policy Amitabh Chandra
HKS-SUP 572 The Economics of Health Care Policy Joseph P. Newhouse
HLS-2293 Drug Product Liability Litigation Peter Grossi
HLS-2359 Food Law and Policy Emily Broad Leib
HLS-2497 Public Health Law and Policy Robert Greenwald
HLS-2520 Veterans Law and Disability Benefits Clinical Seminar Daniel Nagin
HLS-2652 Health Law, Policy, Bioethics, and Biotechnology Workshop I. Glenn Cohen
HLS-2867 Medical Malpractice Alexander Stein
HLS-2881 Experimentation in the Law: Randomized Control Trial D. James Greiner
HMS-BEth701.0 Foundations of Bioethics I Rebecca Weintraub Brendel and Patrick T. Smith
HMS-BEth703.0 Introduction to Clinical Ethics Anthony Charles Breu
HMS-BEth705.0 Research Ethics Spencer Philips Hey and Rebecca H. Li
HMS-BEth712.0 Theological and Religious Perspectives in Bioethics Patrick T. Smith
HMS-BEth714.0 Methods in Bioethics Eric G. Campbell
HMS-BEth753.0 Critical Reading of Contemporary Books in Bioethics Jon Wesley Boyd and Robert D. Truog
HSPH-GHP 288 Issues in Health and Human Rights Stephen Marks
HSPH-GHP 568 Contemporary Developing Countries: Entrepreneurial Solutions to Intractable Problems Tarun Khanna
HSPH-HCM 755 Provider Payment Systems and Policy Jeffrey Levin-Scherz and Troyen Brennan