Spring 2017

Course ID Title Instructor
FAS-AFRAMER 197 Poverty, Race, and Health David Williams
FAS-ECON 1460 Economics of Health Care Policy Joseph P. Newhouse
FAS-ECON 2460 Health Economics Workshop David Cutler
FAS-ECON 980W Policy Options in Health and Environmental Economics Ariel Pakes
FAS-ESPP 90D Planetary Health: Understanding the Human Health Impacts of Accelerating Environmental Change TBD
FAS-FRSEMR 23L Medicine, Law, and Ethics: An Introduction Shahram Khoshbin
FAS-FRSEMR 70F Bioethics through Film: An Exploration of the Law and Ethics of Medicine I. Glenn Cohen
FAS-GHHP 50 The Quality of Health Care in America Ashish Jha and Anupam Jena
FAS-GHHP 70 Global Response to Disasters and Refugee Crises Stephanie Kayden and Michael VanRooyen
FAS-GOV 94BH Ethics and Public Policy TBD
FAS-GOV 94GK The Politics and Ethics of Medical Care Gabriel Katsh
FAS-HISTSCI 142V Masculinities and Health: History and Politics of Men's Health and Illness Sean O'Donnell
FAS-HLTHPOL 2000B Core Course in Health Policy Joseph P. Newhouse and Alan Zaslavsky
FAS-SOCIOL 146 Death by Design: Health Inequalities in Global Perspective Jason Beckfield
FAS-SOCWORLD 24 Global Health Challenges: Complexities of Evidence-Based Policy Sue J. Goldie
FAS-WOMGEN 1125 Gender, Poverty and Health: Social Inequalities and Social Policy Mary Ruggie
FAS-WOMGEN 1239 Plagues and Politics: The Impact of AIDS on US Culture Michael Bronski
HBS-1666 Entrepreneurship in Healthcare IT and Services Robert Higgins
HBS-1965 Consumers, Corporations, and Public Health John Quelch
HBS-2105 US Healthcare Strategy Leemore Dafny
HBS-2180 Innovating in Health Care Regina Herzlinger
HDS-2412 Theologies of the Body Mayra Rivera Rivera
HDS-3342 Confined: Hospitals in the History of Medicine and Religion Ahmed Ragab
HDS-3343 Magic, Miracles, and Prophetics: Medicine and Religion in the Medieval Islamic World Ahmed Ragab
HGSE-EDU H112 Cognitive Neuroscience and Education Gigi Luk
HKS-API 102A Economic Analysis of Public Policy Mark Shepard
HKS-API 102B Economic Analysis of Public Policy Joseph Aldy
HKS-API 305 Behavioral Economics, Law and Public Policy Cass Sunstein
HKS-BGP 300 Inside Government: Making Public Policy Lawrence Summers
HKS-IGA 526 Governing Transformative Biotechnology Calestous Juma
HKS-SUP 518 Economics of Global Health Margaret McConnell
HKS-SUP 520M The Global Health System: Governance Challenges and Institutional Innovations Suerie Moon
HKS-SUP 575 Political Analysis and Strategy for U.S. Health Policy Robert Blendon
HKS-SUP 951 Doctoral Seminar in the Economics of Health and Medical Care Mark Shepard
HLS-2107 Health Law Abigail Moncrieff
HLS-2222 Reproductive Technology and Genetics: Legal and Ethical Issues I. Glenn Cohen
HLS-2359 Food Law and Policy Emily Broad Leib
HLS-2497 Public Health Law and Policy Amy Rosenberg
HLS-2520 Veterans Law and Disability Benefits Clinical Seminar Daniel Nagin
HLS-2544 Food Law Lab Jacob Gersen
HLS-2892 Health Care Reform and the Constitution Abigail Moncrieff
HMS-BEth703.0 Introduction to Clinical Ethics Anthony Charles Breu
HMS-BEth705.0 Research Ethics Spencer Philips Hey and Rebecca H. Li
HMS-BEth712.0 Theological and Religious Perspectives in Bioethics Patrick T. Smith
HMS-BEth753.0 Critical Reading of Contemporary Books in Bioethics Jon Wesley Boyd and Robert D. Truog
HMS-HC706.0 Introduction to Health Care Management Stan Neil Finkelstein and Peter Lawrence Slavin
HMS-HO705.0 Justice Health and Genetics Louis M. Guenin
HMS-MG722.0 Social Issues in Biology Jonathan Roger Beckwith
HSPH-GHP 511 International Perspectives on Justice for Children Cecile Aptel and Jacqueline Bhabha
HSPH-HPM 213 Public Health Law Ameet Sarpatwari
HSPH-HPM 544 The Law and Clinical Medicine Allen Kachalia