A Big Pharma-funded charity that helps patients pay for drugs just sued the government image

Washington Post, January 8, 2018
Carolyn Y. Johnson, quoting Christopher T. Robertson (Academic Fellow Alumnus)


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From the article:

These charities help patients out, but they also provide a lucrative philanthropic option for donors. Drug companies get reimbursed by government health programs or private insurers, and defuse potential criticism from sick people who can’t afford their drugs. A Citi Research report from 2017 found that every $1 million the drug industry spends on charitable donations to support access to high-priced drugs has the potential to generate up to $21 million for the sponsor company.


“The companies get a huge recycling of money through this process,” said Christopher Robertson, associate dean for research and innovation at the University of Arizona. “If you start adding in the tax deductibility [of donations], it’s obviously a good business strategy.”


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