A New Fertility Technique Could Make ‘Designer Babies’ a Reality image

Gizmodo, January 13, 2017
Kristen V. Brown, quoting I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)


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In vitro gametogenesis, or IVG, is a technique that could allow any kind of cell to be programmed into a sperm or an egg cell. This means, theoretically, that you could go on a terrible Tinder date, never make it past drink one, and a few months later get a call informing you that your ill-suited suitor had taken your skin cells and transformed them into sperm or an egg because while you might not have been the perfect romantic match, your genetic makeup was alluring.

“What does IVG change? It is really its combination with CRISPR gene editing,” said Glenn Cohen, a Harvard Law professor and one of the authors of a new editorial in Science Translational Medicine that warns IVG may be the bearer of a set of “vexing policy challenges” and ethical dilemmas. “Right now CRISPR is still very much in its infancy, but one could potentially imagine a future a long way off where it was much more sure fire at selecting traits.”

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