Academic Fellow Alumna Michelle N. Meyer Named in Forbes List of 10 Favorite image

Forbes, December 15, 2016
David Shaywitz


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In a year characterized by the extremes of rhetoric, healthcare entrepreneurs have been blessed with a number of thoughtful commentaries representing the opposite extreme. The selections cited below are measured, insightful and pragmatic, embracing complexity and acknowledging uncertainty. The pieces are worth your time; the authors are worthy of your continued attention.


Michelle Meyer (@MichelleNMeyer), a thoughtful, nuanced, politically independent bioethicist (and FORBES contributor) who just this year joined Geisinger, is now apparently too busy with actual work to spend as much time as she used to writing about it, but when she does, the results are always interesting; for example, see this piece (which I’m sneaking in even though it was from the last day of 2015), about the ethics and expectations around the use of patient samples in medical research–a topic she discussed at length in our subsequent interview on the Tech Tonics podcast in August 2016.) [...]

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