Administration Proposes Strategies To Lower Pharmaceutical Prices In Medicare Part D image

Health Affairs, November 28, 2018
by Rachel Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)


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From the article:

"On Monday, the Trump administration proposed a set of changes that have the potential to lower the prices of some pharmaceuticals paid for through Medicare Part D. As set out in the proposed rule, the plan has three major new provisions: providing Part D plans with more flexibility to manage protected classes, updating existing e-prescribing systems to make patients’ costs visible when a prescription is ordered, and requiring pharmacy price concessions for drugs at the point of sale. (The proposed rule includes a fourth major provision -- the formalization of step therapy for Part B drugs administered by Medicare Advantage plans -- but that provision largely codifies a program that the Department of Health and Human Services rolled out in August, which I discussed then in a separate Health Affairs Blog post.)"

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