An FDA Commissioner for the 21st Century image

NEJM, March 29, 2017
Amitabh Chandra and Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)


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President Donald Trump has named Scott Gottlieb as his nominee to be the next commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As compared with some of the other people whose names were floated publicly for the position, Gottlieb is a traditional choice, a physician who served in a deputy commissioner role under President George W. Bush. Observers who opposed Commissioner Robert Califf because of his relationships with drug companies will surely express concern about Gottlieb’s consulting in this area. But he would have been on the short list for any Republican administration. If confirmed, Gottlieb would take the helm of the FDA at a time when it faces a number of key challenges. We highlight these challenges, to emphasize the talents required of the next commissioner. [...]

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