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October 29, 2018
Justice William W. Hood III, quoting I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)


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The Colorado Supreme Court in a dissent by Justice Hood, joined Coats and Samour, quotes I. Glenn Cohen. 

From the dissent: 

For the non-consenting donor, there are several harms that may be inflicted, each of which derives “from the unwanted existence of a child to whom one stands in relationship of parent.” See I. Glenn Cohen, The Right Not to Be a Genetic Parent?, 81 S. Cal. L. Rev. 1115, 1135 (2008). While Mr. Rooks will not be the legal or (obviously) the gestational parent, he will still have some residual, societal parenthood attached to him by both the nature of his previous relationship with Ms. Rooks and his genetic tie to the child.  

Cohen's paper can be found here, and his thoughts on the case from Bill of Health are here

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