Democrats examine drug prices, a first step in Congress’ path to cut prescription costs image

USA Today, January 14, 2019
by Maureen Gropps, quoting Rachel Sachs


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From the article:

"Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, the new chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, has said he will try to find solutions.

'It’s one of the top concerns I hear from Iowans,' Grassley recently wrote.

But the initiative is stronger on the Democratic side, said Rachel Sachs, an expert on drug pricing legislation at Washington University in St. Louis.

'The Democrats have advanced an affirmative agenda on what to do on drug pricing,' said Sachs, an associate professor of law. 'Different Democrats have different ideas about how to advance each of those goals, but they are all on board with those goals. Republicans have not really advanced an agenda in the same way.'"

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