Do NFL Safety Concerns Mean Regulators Should Get in the Game? image

Bloomberg Environment, April 26, 2018
Fatima Hussein, featuring report by the Law and Ethics Initiative of the Football Players Health Study at Harvard University


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From the article:

Concussions involving NFL players have been an increasing worry. Now a debate has resurfaced about whether federal safety regulators should be able to fine teams found guilty of inflicting serious blows to players’ heads.

The NFL players’ union welcomed the conclusions of a study it funded that found the Occupational Safety and Health Administration should step off the sidelines and regulate on-field activities, particularly those causing concussions. But a former OSHA administrator warned that federal interference in the game could politicize the agency and would be “foolish.”

Whether the agency exercises its authority could have effects on not just the NFL, but also Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, and NASCAR, among other professional sports leagues. Each of the leagues polices itself on workplace safety and health rules.


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