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Harvard Law Bulletin, May 18, 2017
Featuring book by I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director), Holly Fernandez Lynch (Executive Director), & Christopher T. Robertson (Academic Fellow Alumnus)


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From the article:

Cohen, faculty director of the Petrie-Flom Center; Lynch, the center’s executive director; and Robertson, a professor at University of Arizona’s College of Law, edit essays that focus on how health law and policy can—or should—use incentives and penalties to influence behavior affecting health. Topics include whether incentives motivate healthy behavior, how clinicians can improve patient decision-making, and default mechanisms, such as requiring people to opt out rather than opt in to organ donation. In the context of health care, as Sunstein, author of the influential “Nudge,” writes in the foreword, paternalism may be considered objectionable, but people may also seek direction and help for their health care decisions.

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