Harvard Releases Player Health Recommendations That The NFL Will Likely Ignore image

Deadspin, November 17, 2016
Lindsey Adler, quoting report by Petrie-Flom affiliates Christopher R. Deubert, I. Glenn Cohen, and Holly Fernandez Lynch


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From the article:

Harvard University wants the NFL, the NFLPA, and everyone complicit in the NFL industrial complex—all the way down to media and fans—to take steps toward policies that will “protect and promote” the overall heath of football players. 

The university has released the findings of a two-year study called “The Football Players Health Study at Harvard University.” The study was funded by the NFLPA, though the report says the study was entirely free of NFLPA interference, and that the union was only allowed to review the report to make sure no confidential information was revealed.

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