New treatments for peanut allergies sound promising, but questions remain image

Washington Post, January 6, 2019
by Shefali Luthra, quoting W. Nicholson Price (Academic Fellow Alumnus)


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From the article:

"What’s new is the addition of labor, standardization and federal oversight — which companies then say demonstrates increased value.

It highlights a pattern I’ve noticed from my reporting: Drugmakers develop medication that refines a low-tech remedy, run a clinical trial to secure FDA approval and then sell it at a higher price.

For pharma, it’s a logical way to profit. But it puts patients in a bind.

'The hard outcome is we have these new products and they’re just about as good or slightly better than what we have,' said Nicholson Price, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan Law School, who studies drug pricing. 'And they’re a lot more expensive.' He noted: 'That’s when the choices get hard, and we’re not good at making hard choices.'"

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