Forbes, November 19, 2018
Bruce Japsen


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News last week that Oscar Health filed a federal lawsuit accusing Florida Blue of a “monopoly” in selling individual health coverage under the Affordable Care Act is the latest signal that Obamacare is here to stay.

Florida is one of the many new markets Oscar is selling individual healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act for benefits that would begin in January 2019. Oscar’s lawsuit accuses Florida Blue of an exclusive broker policy that forces brokers to sell its policies.

But some think the Oscar suit is as much about crying foul as it is a way to grab headlines and let Floridians know that there are more choices in the suddenly hot business of Obamacare than the dominant Blue Cross carrier that has more than 1 million individual enrollees in the state.

Aggressive marketing and related business sales practices are a new one this year for Obamacare. [...]

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