Panthers doctor: ‘Turf war’ keeping neurologists off NHL study group image

TSN Canada, April 7, 2017
Rick Westhead, quoting I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)


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From the article:

One Harvard University law professor says that the NHL should overhaul its medical structure to free team doctors and trainers from any real or perceived conflicts of interest.

Glenn Cohen, a Montreal native who is the director of Harvard Law School's Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology and Bioethics, published a report in November that urged the NFL to adopt new guidelines for team medical staff so doctors who treat players are not required to report to coaches and other team management.

"For both the NFL or the NHL, whenever you have a club physician who is trying to serve both the interests of an injured player and management, there's a recipe for an ethically problematic state of affairs," Cohen said in an interview this week.

Cohen's report capped a two-year study of NFL players. His research was funded by the NFL Players Association, although he said the union did not have control over the report's conclusions.


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