Pharma’s new plan to put more info — but not drug list prices — in TV ads image

Vox, October 15, 2018
Dylan Scott, quoting Rachel Sachs


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From the article:

Policy experts were already unimpressed with the Trump administration’s idea of requiring list prices to be included in ads, mostly because there is no real mechanism to lower prices here.

It might be good politics, because everybody knows and sees those drug ads all the time. It sure sounds good to say you’re going to require drug companies to disclose their prices. It’s the drug prices equivalent to Trump’s Wall: a hyperbolic and probably unachievable goal that will probably never happen and, even if it did, doesn’t address the underlying problem.

”Let me put it this way: what’s the reason to think it would have a significant impact on pricing and spending? Shame? We’ve seen that it doesn’t work,” Rachel Sachs at Washington University in St. Louis told me a few months ago. She stands by that assessment.

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