Planned Parenthood sues Trump administration over federal funding image

The Washington Times, May 2, 2018
Alex Swoyer, quoting I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)


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From the article:

Three Planned Parenthood affiliates sued Wednesday to demand taxpayer money keep flowing to the country’s largest abortion network, saying a new Trump administration policy appears designed to cut them out of family planning money.

Affiliates in Wisconsin, Ohio and Utah said changes announced by Health and Human Services would boost clinics that focus on abstinence rather than providing contraceptives.

I. Glenn Cohen, a law professor at Harvard, said that kind of precedent suggests the government has latitude to set conditions on the funding.

“Challenging an administration’s decision on what funding priorities to set, a litigant faces an uphill battle,” he said.

Mr. Cohen said if the court were to decide HHS didn’t follow the proper steps when issuing its new policy, the government could go back and do it accordingly.

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