Researchers Point to R&D Treaty to Spur New Infectious Disease Treatments image

RAPS Regulatory Focus , September 24, 2018
Zachary Brennan, quoting Jonathon Darrow (Student Fellow Alumnus)


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From the article: 

As current incentives to promote the development of new infectious disease treatments have yet to reach their potential, researchers in a new Food and Drug Law Journal paper suggest forming a research and development treaty.

The “most far-reaching” policy tool “may be a research and development treaty, which would provide a focal point for future global coordination, provide a long-term commitment to funding, and build on what has been learned from existing approaches,” authors Jonathan Darrow, Michael Sinha, and Aaron Kesselheim of the Program on Regulation, Therapeutics and Law (PORTAL), Harvard Medical School and Brigham & Women’s Hospital write.

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